The art of animation in Videogame

Cinema is not the only media where animation can live and shine. The art of animation in videogames can be really awesome. In fact, video games have evolved more and more over the years and are surprising the player even more.

One way for a player to really engage in a game is to build empathy with the characters. This is not always easy, but technology has made it possible to invest in character design, giving more freedom for animators to explore their emotions. The movements and facial expressions become incredible.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice trailer (2017)

The player wants to know what the character thinks, what feels and what are the motivations behind the actions he takes. He wants to question and think about the plot, wants to savor the dialogues, wants to get involved with the whole story and be curious about what comes next.

Festivals like the Annie Awards, that give value to the art of animation, do not forget their strand in video games. They present categories like “Best Animated Video Game” or “Character Animation in a Video Game”.

At the Annie Awards 2019, Gris from Nomada Studio won in Outstanding Achievement for Character Animation in a Video Game category. What a masterpiece!

GRIS Trailer (2018)

The game mechanics are important but other several factors can make the game even more engaging and a true work of art. The story, the design, the characters, the colors or the animation are things that can catch the player’s attention and shrink him into a fantastic interactive experience.

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