Portugal Multimedia team was one of the main sponsors of this humanitarian event, collaborating in its pre-production. I integrated the team responsible for all the communication supports that surrounded the event.


Year: 2015

Services: Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, 3D Development

CVP is a humanitarian institution of public utility designed to defend peace, guarantee respect for the dignity of the human person, mitigate the effects of war, and promote life and health.

As a part of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Portuguese Red Cross, the Humanitary Center of Santarém Cartaxo took the initiative of holding a Gala, an Art Exhibition and an Art Auction.


Portugal Multimedia was one of the main sponsors of this humanitarian event, collaborating in its pre-production. I and my team were responsible for all the communication supports that surrounded the event.


We developed a Website for the Auction, which included about 80 works of art. The catalog for the exhibition was also created by our team, as well as the compilation of its visual content (images of the works).


The front cover of the catalog is a tribute to the work of artists who kindly entrusted their works to this cause.

Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa Online Auction Website


The goal of the website was to create an entirely functional platform for the bidding of about 80 works simultaneously, without neglecting the communication of the event.


We built a fully responsive website, where the whole bidding process is possible through a simple smartphone.


The decision to let the works shine led us to the development of a simplistic design, which fully complies with what was proposed. In addition to being able to view and bid on any work, there was still a biographical note from all the artists involved in this cause.

Catalog – The final product


In an attempt to let the works of art shine, and escaping the traditional red and white, we developed a colorful cover. Our inspiration was the Portuguese Red Cross’s 150th-anniversary logo, which is composed of red bands. It was important to not make any artists particular prominence.


This proposal was the one the customer chose. The paging of the remaining pages followed the same line.

Other proposals

The front cover of the catalog and the entire graphic line were our starting points.


Initially, one of the limitations imposed by the briefing was the color scheme to be used: the traditional Red and White, present in all previous communication supports of the Portuguese Red Cross.




The exhibition’s tagline made us choose a handwriting style concept. We tried to design the catalog cover as something more artistic, which would refer to art and painting.


The choice of showing a hand as a container for the text was meant to highlight the hands that paint for humanity: the artists who contributed and gave their work to this initiative created by Portuguese Red Cross.


Following the graphic line which describes the Portuguese Red Cross, we presented another design proposal, more minimalistic and clean.




The cover should be white, with a cut-out shaped like a cross, which would disclose the Convent of São Francisco, the space of the Art Exhibition.



Despite not having been used on any event communication support, we built the Convent of São Francisco, in Santarém, in 3D. This was the space of the Art Exhibition and the Gala of Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa.

The 3D modeling of the building was done based on reference pictures.