Garrett Audiovisuais website
Bringing to you the new website of Garrett Audiovisuais


Client: Garrett Audiovisuais
Year: 2015
Services: Web development, Web Design, UX & UI, SEO, Content Creation

Garrett Audiovisuais is an audiovisual engineering company and brand ambassador for some high quality brands like Genelec, Russound or Marshall Amps in Portugal area. The brand Garrett is a symbol for high quality projects.


The biggest challenge of creating his new website was the variety of information the website presents, from products to projects, portfolios and different contact forms with different purposes. Together with Portugal Multimedia, we brought his new website to live.


So, we developed a new design according to the company’s needs, re-organized their content and we’ve made it more attractive and accessible to consumers and suppliers. It is now possible to be accessed on all mobile devices.

Garrett Audiovisuais represents multiple prestigious brands in the Portuguese professional audiovisual market.

The new website

It was necessary re-structured and re-organized its contents. Now, it is more intuitive and clean for the user, making it easier to navigate. The new website shows Garrett Audiovisuais as a professional brand that inspires confidence and that continues to be a market leader.


Mobile access was a paramount issue for Garrett. Most of Garrett clients are professionals who are on the go and most of the website’s access are from mobile.
Nowadays, the new website is completely responsive and mobile-friendly. It is possible to be accessed by the user through his phone or tablet.

Garrett Audiovisuais website

The website was to get a whole lot of content. That content was to be produced and inserted by Garrett’s Marketing. We used WordPress as a CMS as it would allow their staff to insert content with ease.

Garrett Audiovisuais wireframes
Interactive Elements

In order for the website to gain more engagement we have created elements that allow the user to interact with the content.

3D Interactive Simulator

Garrett wanted to improve the sales on Multimedia Integration projects (like domotics on steroids). The greatest problem was the amount of text needed to explain the products and service specs. So our team came up with an idea. A GUI to simulate the usage of domotics in 3D. It would be based on ‘Gamification’ without gratification achievements. It would look very nice and simple and would keep users ‘playing’ with it. At the same time it would fight back the bounce rate hurting the website ranking.

This project relied on two different independent strands: The development of the home automation interface (which I was responsible for) and the construction of an animated 3D building. From its union resulted an interactive 3D simulator, possible to be arranged in a web page.

It is the user that interacts in real time with this small but fun example of a home automation system.


Through an application for Ipad, it is possible to control various electronic devices such as the gate, CCTV, lights, obstructions, television, etc. In this way, the user can experiment and have a better idea of what a home automation system is all about and what the potential.

This ipad interface is also used in the professional environment, however, the interface exemplified in the simulator is a demo version, allowing the user to try some of the main functionalities. I’ll post the final version online as soon as possible.