João Leitão, a music teacher, asked me to develop a website that could help him to get more students to his music classes.



Year: 2016

Services: Web design, Web development, Copywriting, Illustration, Animation

João Leitão is a resident music teacher of ‘A Voz do Operário’ which is a 5th to 9th-grade school. After classes, João teaches kids from outside the school but in ‘Voz Do Operário’ facilities.

As an excellent musician and a great teacher, he needed a website to match. Guitarra na Voz has born.

I wanted to create a fun website that had little details to explore. Something that could attract the younger ones, who would be the target audience. The final result is a really simple website in terms of navigation. What makes it so special are the little animations scattered throughout the website, making it so captivating. All the illustrations and animations on this website were specially designed for it. The illustrations make browsing the website more fun and easier to remember. They were really fun to do and I love the final result.


Other little details like the sound players are also fun to explore because we don’t know what we will hear after click on them. And surprise, it matches with the animation that you can see next to.


The website is WordPress-based. With this CMS my client has control over its contents.

Guitarra na Voz website
Multimedia Designer | gif7
Guitarra na Voz animation
Multimedia Designer | gif5
Identity & Color Style

I used playful colors and contrasted black. My main inspiration was Voz do Operário building.