A rice will only be a rice if it does not show how special it is.


Client: loveRice
Year: 2015
Services: Web development, Web Design

Loverice is a company that produces and sells rice from a protected area.
The brand Loverice belongs to a group called Portocarro with a history selling wines but rice is their new bet.
We were asked (Portugal Multimedia team) to help them developing a website that would be beautiful and functional. Also it should look detached from ‘Portocarro Wines’, as Portocarro is an umbrella trade mark.
It should target both the professional and the domestic market.

An elegant website who wants to tell us the story of a rice which knows its origin.

Design that tells a story

The design process was one focused on rigor and excellence. Each detail was carefully thought of, so it could properly fulfill its purpose: show Loverice’s traits of authenticity and innovation. Each page tells a compelling story about different aspects of the brand and its product, so the user feels motivated to navigate the whole website and get to know the rice and its origins. And, ultimately, seek out the product at a store near them.

The product deserves to be in the spotlight

Loverice’s product gallery is modern and visually appealing. Each type of rice they offer has its own characteristics, making it essential that the user have the option to learn more them. Thanks to the pages dedicated to each one of the products, there’s no missing information. The user has access to the characteristics, methods of preparation, advice, nutritional values and it’s even possible to review the product.

On top of that, these multiple pages translate into a big advantage when it comes to search engine ranking.

Access the website at home, on he street, or even in supermarket!

A brand’s online presence is imperative, as well as the possibility of being accessible on any device.


We took this new reality into consideration and programmed a website that is entirely responsive and mobile-first. This way, the user can access Loverice’s website on any device, whenever they want.

Loverice website, Identity Choices

Loverice’s logo is made up of the colors magenta and black. That was the starting point.

In order to keep a clean appearance, and taking advantage of the color of rice, white is the predominant color. The remaining choices for the scheme are neutral colors that complement the main two that were mentioned above.

Lastly, the pictures on the website bring color to the pages. Warm yellows, oranges and greens that remind us of where Loverice’s real rice comes from.

Color Sheme
Blog and recipes

The blog was created with the intention of bringing the brand and its final consumers closer.

Aside from recipes, you can also find tips about the confection of rice, stages of plantation, as well as news from the press on the blog.

The user can filter through the posts’ categories, which makes the search for a specific article much easier and intuitive.