Números & Cardinais, an accounting, consulting, and management company asked for help with their online image. In the first instance, the client wanted only a website that would help to advertise their services. But I suggested a rebranding and the client agreed.


Year: 2018

Services: Rebranding, Web design, Web development, Graphic Design, Illustration

I wanted to work on a new concept that would allow Números & Cardinais mark their position in the market.

A new concept was created: Accounting does not have to be a 7-headed beast. The communication of the company should be simple, pleasant, and without complications. The function of Números & Cardinais should be to make life as easy as possible for their clients.


The website is clean and attractive, able to attract overall startups and SME’S. There are three original illustrations integrated that give a more relaxed and attractive look to website navigation and reinforce the idea that accounting does not have to be a seven-headed beast.


The website is completely responsive and mobile-friendly. In this way, the user can consult the website with any device, whenever he wants.



An interactive functionality that integrates Números e Cardinais website.


Each square represented in the logo corresponds to a different service of the company. When you place your mouse over a square, it slides and shows the corresponding information. This feature allows the user to play with the logo while exploring the various Números e Cardinais services.


This element gives a more relaxed look at website navigation and reinforces the idea that accounting does not have to be a seven-headed beast.

Identity & Color Style

The new concept asked for a refresh to the old Números & Cardinais logo. I designed a cleaner and more modern logo that can more easily identify the company. The logo itself is more relaxed because it plays with the use of negative space. It refers to the buttons of a calculator (black), but in the negative space (white) we can also observe a cardinal. The business cards are designed simple, with the information easily perceptible at a first glance. Its vertical position makes it different from the various competitors in the area of activity of Números & Cardinais.