Portugal Multimedia is a company that I co-founded with Pedro Matias and Andreia Calhau. The idea behind Portugal Multimedia was to create high-quality standards in multimedia related services.


Year: 2015 –  Nowadays

“Portugal Multimedia is a young company that is at ease when it comes to combine technology and creativity. A partner always there for us, constantly with new ideas.”
by Vera Garrett

The Portugal Multimedia identity was a big challenge. It is our company so it obviously needs to be special. Our brand should reflect our cheerful personality, be modern and professional at the same time. It took time to get to the end result but it finally arrived and we all agreed with it.


Until we get to the final design result we went through several proposals. Portugal Multimedia choose a bold color scheme for the website like the Portugal Multimedia’s logo colors. The website would reflect on our team. In the end, it turned out quite joyful, fresh, simple but also professional.


Our design process was focused on the simplicity of detail. On the About and Services page, we tried to appeal to emotions by showing awesome stylized 3D animation that represents our day to day reality.


Identity & Color Style

Portugal Multimedia chose a bold color scheme. ‘pink’, ‘green’, ‘yellow’ and ‘bordeaux’ over neutral colors.


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Portugal Multimedia has his own blog where we share with you cool stuff like videos, artwork, technology, inspiration things and great tips.

The design is simple but attractive. We want the user to feel comfortable during the navigation of the blog. This encompasses everything from the design, content and even the illustrations of our avatars.

How did everything start? Portugal Multimedia has born by hand of five friends. Five friends who had all finished a degree of Audiovisual and Multimedia in the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social. It was Pedro Matias who set the challenge and proposed that we form a communication design agency.


I started this adventure because I want to work on something that makes me get up every morning with a smile. The thrill of holding business of my own and for which I want to fight. To work with colleagues who are also my friends and make a day of work more fun.


What we were live would be something we would take with us forever. In 2015, shortly after our degree, Portugal Multimedia has born.

And who we are now? Times goes by. Faces change. The enthusiasm remains the same. Pedro MatiasAndreia Calhau and I brought a lot of fresh new projects to the world that we are proud of.


We are a team full of energy, who loves technology and are always ready for new challenges. Each of us is strong in different areas, so we complement each other and we are strongest together.