If your life is a failure, make your death a success!

The suicide shop is not a movie to be seen lightly and is not directed to children. In this film is approached in a creative and intelligent way a subject as delicate and disturbing as death, namely suicide.

Shot from The Suicide Shop movie

The first scene of the film left me immediately bewildered. They present to us a dark and lifeless city in which there is an attempt of suicide in each corner. All to the sound of a very cheerful song that contrasts with what the viewer is seeing on the scene. The character design is fine and they perfectly understand how melancholy and hopeless they are.

With the economic crisis in Europe, citizens see the future increasingly pessimistic and gloomy. It is in this context that the protagonists saw in this crisis an opportunity for the business, since there is no lack of customers. β€œTo help him die is our happiness.” The Tuvache family owns a store that sells all kinds of death guarantee products: pistols, poisons, ropes, swords … The choice depends on the customer. Of course a good marketing touch resolves some indecision.

Although the title and concept refer to a drama with a depressing aura, the film manages to give us a positive message.

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