Take your time and explore some of my portfolio

Each project has its own particularities and therefore each one must be treated in a special way. I want to find the best solutions that your brand needs.

  • Portugal Multimedia
    My most important project
  • Marshall Amplification | website
    Marshall Amplification
    Web Design, Web Development
  • Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa
    Web Design, Graphic Design
  • multimedia - animation music
    Guitarra na Voz
    Web Design, Web Development, Illustration, Motion Graphics
  • Carnalentejana DOP
    Strategy, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Management
  • Números & Cardinais
    Rebranding, Web Design, Web Development, Illustration
  • multimedia app
    Music App
    App Development, Mobile app UI Design, Illustration, 3D
  • multimedia garrett website
    Garrett Audiovisuais
    Web Design, Web Development
  • Checklist on Gender Mainstreaming Law Schools’ Curricula
    Web Design, UX & UI, illustration, Learning Management System
  • Loverice
    Web Design, Web Development
  • Imagetic
    Web Design, Web Development
  • Lisbon Journey
    Web Design, Web Development, Illustration
  • Animated Christmas Card
    Animated Christmas Card
    Illustration, Animation